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Auto Accident Claims

My Auto Accident Attorney Helped Me in More Ways Than One


Two years ago, I was in a horrific accident. I can't even list all of the injuries I had. The major ones were a fractured skull, a broken back and punctured lung. I was in the hospital for a very long time and spent even more time in rehab. The entire time I was incapacitated, and away from my family, I just kept things how things were spinning out of control.


I am a freelance photographer and was at the time. I loved my job. What I loved most about it was being my own boss. But being your own boss means you don't have the benefit of vacation days and FMLA. While I was out of work, I was out of money. Medical bills were piling up and I was unable to take care of my household bills. The insurance company was refusing to pay. So, soon I just stopped thinking about it all and put my head in the sand. I would have probably continued with my head buried in the sand if my sister-in-law hadn't begged me to see an attorney. View website to know more.


She had to prod me. She even dialed the number to an attorney she knew and then held the phone up to my ear so I could talk. I set up a consultation to discuss my case. The day of the meeting she stayed the night with me so she could be sure I arrived at the meeting and on time. I just went along with whatever she told me to do. Gain more facts here:


After the meeting, the lawyer said he would be interested in representing me. But he also said that maybe I could use some emotional support. I'll admit, once I started talking about the accident, the injuries, the bills, and loss of business, I broke down a bit. But my lawyer told me that it was common for auto accident victims to experience depression following an accident. I had kind of check out on life but I didn't realize I was depressed.


My auto accident attorney referred me to a support group for auto accident victims and he was right. I needed compensation, that is true. But at the time what I need more than anything was help with my emotional state. Without that, I honestly don't think compensation would have mattered. Although, in the end my auto accident attorney got me over 600,000 dollars in compensation. View website for more details.